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Eyelash Extensions, Waxing, and More

At Lashed by Lovely, we want you to feel beautiful. This is why we offer our services in Gardena and Pasadena, California, as well as on-the-go to suit your needs. View our beauty menu to find the service you want to try next.

Mobile Service

Receive beautification in the comfort of your own home for a starting price of only $100. Our store will contact you shortly after the appointment is scheduled to let you know the exact price of your service. Please note, no specials are available for mobile services, and all lashes remain at regular pricing.

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All appointments require a $25.00 Non-Refundable deposit that goes towards payment of service

OMBRÉ BROWS This procedure lasts from one to three years done with a permanent makeup machine. Semi-permanent makeup is an upgrade from cosmetic tattoos. When scheduling an appointment date for a permanent makeup procedure, keep in mind the healing time of the procedure. *Do not tweeze, wax, or dye brows for two days prior. 2 Hours for $400
3D BROWS / MICROBLADING 3D eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancing technique that is carried out using a special hand tool which deposits pigment under the skin. Microblading is the newest and most popular form of semi-permanent makeup which mimics the form of natural hair resulting in fuller, thicker, gorgeous brows! Semi-permanent tattoo, realistic hair-like strokes, not the shaded-in "look." Thorough consultation before procedure begins. Lasts up to one year. Takes about one hour to do. Minimal pain numbing cream is applied. Instant results. We match your brow hair color. Redness goes away in 30 minutes. No down time. 2 Hours for $350
D-Curl Full Set The D-curl lash is a curlier lash, giving you a look that stands out more while still achieving a natural look. The famous India Love even wears these lashes! 1 Hour for $150
Wispies A variety of lashes are used ranging in length and thickness. They are placed in various directions to create a very wispy look. 1 Hour & 30 Minutes for $135
For the Love of Lashes Every lash is extended! This will give your lashes fullness in whatever length you wish. 1 Hour for $120
Love Lashes Every other lash is extended for 50% coverage that will give length to lashes, not fullness. 1 Hour for $100
100% Siberian Mink Set If you're going for that 100% natural look, this is the best you can get. Gain the allure of full and fluffy eyelashes made from real hair. Real mink lashes come from the tails of Siberian or Chinese minks to give you a natural look for longer. 2 Hours for $220
Volume Set 2D to 5D Volume lashes are a lighter and thinner lash, allowing you to place multiple lashes at a time. They are not like cluster lashes but still achieve a full and long lash look. 2 Hours for $225
Classic & Volume Mix For a fuller look and longer-lasting lashes, this service is perfect. A 1:1 ratio is used when applied, and they are thinner, allowing for multiple extensions to be applied at once. 1 Hour & 30 Minutes for $185
Love Love Curl These lashes are curlier than your D-curl lash and give the eye an extraordinary pop especially from the side view. 1 Hour for $160
Lash Bath Recommended with every fill. Give your lashes the proper cleaning they need with this refreshing treatment. Our specially formatted cleanser removes oils, old skin cells, and makeup residue that may be trapped in your lashes. This ensures longevity for your lash extensions. 10 Minutes for $5
D-Curl Fill 40% or more of your lashes need to be remaining for this service. 20 lashes or more need to be left or you will need a full set. 1 Hour for $85
For the Love of Lashes Fill 40% or more of your lashes need to be remaining for this service. 20 lashes or more need to be left or you will need a full set. 1 Hour for $70
Love Lashes Fill 40% or more of your lashes need to be remaining for this service. 20 lashes or more need to be left or you will need a full set. 1 Hour for $60
Foreign Fill If your lashes were not done by us and you need a fill, this is your option. We do not guarantee that we can fill the work depending on the quality of lashes previously applied. If they cannot be filled, removal and a full set will be needed. 1 Hour for $95
Lash Touchup This is perfect for the person who always wants their lashes to look their best. Only book this option if it has been a week or less from the application of your initial set. 30 Minutes for $30
Eyebrow Tint This tint lasts up to two weeks with no makeup or highlighters. This service includes a wax and trim. Please come with a makeup-free and clean face. 30 Minutes for $30
Eyebrow Makeover This includes a wax, trim, and a fill with makeup for a more defining shape. 30 Minutes for $15

Other Services Available:

Siberian Mink Touchup 1 Hour for $45
Volume Fill 1 Hour & 30 Minutes for $115
Love Love Curl Fill 1 Hour for $90
100% Siberian Mink Fill 1 Hour & 30 Minutes for $100
Bottom Lashes 30 Minutes for $35
Lash Removal 30 Minutes for $35