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3-Day Lash Certification

3-Day Lash Certification Course - $1,000

*All Deposits and Fees Are Nonrefundable

Along with beauty services, we also offer training and certification to students. This includes a lot of hands-on experience and training on how you can create your own business with increased revenue.

Are you thinking about becoming a certified eyelash extension professional and/or eyebrow stylist and increasing your client base and your income by adding lashes to your services offered? Have you been researching your options to find the best company out there to fulfill your career goals? Search no more. Lashed by Lovely is the preferred lash extension company when it comes to eyelash extensions. We guarantee that our unique application method, Sequence for Perfect Bonding, is the safest and most efficient method for perfect technique in eyelash extension applications.

Lashing is an art form in which each, individual lash is lengthened with precision using a false hair to accomplish a full and natural look. Learn how to properly customize and complement the look of your clients' eyes with our introductory course to eyelash extensions. During this training course, you will learn to efficiently and properly apply lash extensions. You will also receive the highest quality education in sanitation, lash design, eye anatomy, and client consultation. Included in this course are a step-by-step guided manual, starter kit, and certification upon completion. No license is required to attend.

For this beginner's lash training course, each student will be given a certificate of completion if all necessary steps of the course have been completely understood and if the work meets the instructor's satisfaction.

You Cannot Learn Lashes in One Day
Sadly, we've seen so many people complete lash certifications and trainings without the proper technique of lash application and lacking the knowledge of how to properly care for the client's natural lashes. Many lash companies out there are offering the bare minimum in their kits; therefore students lack the tools they need to be completely successful in the industry.

Live Model Training

LIVE MODEL TRAINING! Ladies, you cannot completely learn lashes on a mannequin or watching someone else do it on a live model! You must do it yourself! The mannequin head should only be used for purposes of practicing isolation, as the mannequins eyes do not resemble a human enough for it to be an effective learning method! YOU cannot lift the eyelid or learn how to tact down bottom lashes properly! Make sure you are doing ur research when choosing a lash tech ... YOU definitely GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

This Workshop Includes: One on one Training, Live Model Training, Starter Kit, Building Your Brand, Certification of Completion, & More!
**Certificates will be issued in the name of the registrant.

Already taken a lash class? But you still have more questions, or the class was too big for the instructor to focus on you? I offer a ONE-on-ONE REFRESHER COURSE, as well!

Lash Certification Course

Student with Certification